Unique Taste

A new way to purchase and sample fine wines and liquors

Final Logo Design

Case Study

Unique Tastes came to me to assist them in visualizing their dream – a new way to sample and purchase fine wines and liquors within an still in-construction luxury retail and private community.

The Challenge

A 3000 square foot space converted to work double-duty as both a sitting area and retail space. The space was still in construction, however the builders had already allocated its location within a new luxury private community which would include other retail stores surrounded by high-end housing. This would be the sole wine/liquor retail option, however they would be near a Walmart also located within the community. The interior of the space was limited by one entire side consisting only of windows so nothing could be mounted. Working with three walls and a 10′ x 300′ layout was challenging to accommodate all the features the client wanted.

The Concept

The space was split in two in an open concept with a front and back. In the back, a unique environment where patrons could sit in a comfortable, beautiful and inviting open space alone or with friends, sample fine wines or have drinks. In the front, a full retail space where patrons can grab and go. Along the back wall also features a piece of installation art – a mural of a local vineyard and in the middle a giant and functioning wine barrel, where several taps would dispense featured or sponsored wines from local vineyards from vats hidden inside, flanked by crystal wine glasses. We also presented suggestions on how the space could evolve to include seasonal decor, food offerings, indoor events, outdoor art and music events, and group sales both in the consumer and corporate markets.

The Conclusion

By maximizing the space available and making use of installation art, luxurious materials and high-end furnishings, we were able to come up with concepts that fit the clients’ needs and exceeded their expectations.

Services included: Branding, package design, store design, installation art concept, 3D rendering, 360º video view, retail concepts.

Creative Director, Lead Designer: Elaine Lombardo
3D Artist and Motion Animator: Michael Lombardo, Plasma Giant Studios

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