Prices: Pre-Designed vs. Buy-Out Exclusive vs. Custom Packages

Starting a new business or re-launching an old one can be overwhelming. Your visual brand can make or break you in the eyes of the public. Present yourself with amateur graphics and people will not expect high quality work. We have the experience, the team, and the talent to hand over exactly what you need to get started. However not everyone has the same budget so we have three pricing structures we present with our Branding Strategies.

  1. Pre-Designed packages. Prices start at $50. These are designed to be affordable for start-ups who really don’t have the budget to invest in fully customized work. You send us the the name of your company and we will create it in the style of the logo sample. You get everything shown in the sample branding buide, however they will not be editable. These designs are also not exclusive so unlimited other clientele may purchase the same package to use for their own purposes. However, this is a good way to start out with quality visuals.
  2. Buy-Out Exclusives. Prices start at $1,500. This is a way to buy out the Pre-Designed package you like as long as it hasn’t been purchased by any other clientele. If it is available for Buy-Out a purchase option will be available. This means you will get everything seen in the sample, we will customize the logo for you and change colors if you wish, and make it semi-custom for you. This design package will then be retired and taken off the site so no one else will be able to purchase.
  3. Custom Packages. Prices start at $2,500. We will create a package exclusively for you based on your needs and preferences. We will supply you with a creative brief questionnaire and meet with you several times via phone to go over your requirements and desires, and will present options that we feel will fit your needs. You will have up to three options for logos. Other elements will be designed based around the entire creative theme. You will not only be supplied with everything you need as a turnkey option for you to jump in to launch your business, but you will be supplied with all working/raw files that your internal or outsourced creative people can use to continue to build upon (unless you’d like to continue working with me of course)! We hand everything over to you so you can continue to move forward with your brand.