Cozy Cottage Designs

An e-commerce site specializing in downloadable and customizable printables.

Final Logo

Case Study

Cozy Cottage Designs is an e-commerce specializing in downloadable printables targeted to a particular demographic. Still early in development, they are starting with one signature collection first but will be branching out in additional collections as time goes on.

The Challenge

Establishing a customer base while competing with larger e-commerce platforms such as Etsy. Creating content that is attractive and useable in third-party customization platforms, and formatted for customer ease of use.

The Concept

Cozy Cottage Designs focuses on an “cottage” aesthetic but also including compatible aesthetic styles such as farm, rustic, romantic, regency, as well as offering holiday themed product collections. Product “templates” are created and set up in a third-party platform for self-customization so the client can seamlessly purchase, customize and download their printable within moments. Mockups are created as sales assets within the e-commerce platform, allowing customers to view the products in real-world scenarios.

The Conclusion

Cozy Cottage Designs’ goal is to position themselves as a leader in a saturated market, at the moment focusing on brand awareness and building email lists while developing new product offerings.

Creative services included: Product design, web design and development, email design and deployment, competitor analysis, marketing, branding, copywriting, social media.

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