Art and Design are not just descriptions of my work – they are my life. I look at everything around me in terms of form, function, color, texture, pattern. I wonder – how does that object work? What is going on behind the scenes? I lust for information about the world around me because of the beauty I see. I live in awe of the majesty of all that is around me, and am humbled to be a small part of it.

Ever since I could hold a crayon I’ve been drawing. The daughter of a “Madison Avenue” age Designer and Illustrator, I was fortunate to have been surrounded by all the art media anyone could ever want. While other kids were playing with Etch-a-Sketch, I was playing with India Inks and Prismacolor. I gravitated towards fashion and beauty and spent every spare moment of my life studying their trends (every moment not dedicated to sci-fi and fantasy, that is – another passion of mine).

At 16 I was the youngest applicant accepted in Parson’s School of Design. I studied fashion design and illustration and then went on to FIT to continue my education with Illustration courses. I studied color theory and found that I had a special love and skill for it and still do.

After my college training I wanted to learn more about people and began my career in hospitality design. I enjoyed working with clients one on one and assisting them with their needs. I learned how to work with many different personality types and how to work within tight deadlines and stressful situations.

I designed everything from print advertising to package design and, loving every moment of it, decided to expand into the digital world. I learned HTML and CSS and built dozens of websites before I discovered the joys of Content Management Systems. I started in Joomla and built dozens more full sites, I trained my clients on how to use their systems, I spoke at seminars, I designed and deployed email marketing campaigns. I now preference WordPress as my CMS of choice.

Graphic Design, Illustration, and Fine Art in all media from traditional to digital has always been my life, and for as long as my hand can still hold a pencil, mouse, stylus or crayon, always will be.