Welcome to Portraits of Practice: Construction Zones for Musical Understanding.

The purpose of this site is to share with others my work, as a music teacher, that is grounded in constructivist theory of learning.

Visit The Journey, a collection of experiences and moments of discovery that have informed my beliefs about teaching and learning.

Explore Project Design, a collection of ideas that can be put into practice to create a holistic and constructive learning environment for musical understanding.

Observe Frameworks that are used to scaffold learning.

Look in on Portraits to view project designs and artifacts., watch students realizing their musical knowledge and skill as they engage in collaborative problem-solving.

Visit the Archive to view classroom documents and students involved in collaborative problem-solving.

Learn More about the theory and research that supports and validates constructive learning experiences for students in our classrooms.


Phil Greco
Music Teacher
Farmingdale Public Schools
Farmingdale, NY